Technology Club Competitions

The Wharton Technology Club has a dedicated team whose role is to cultivate opportunities for our members to gain hands-on experience in growing technology fields through competition. It’s our goal to provide the best possible environment for learning and skill development that MBA students can leverage in their future internships and full time jobs.

ProductHack 2014

In November 2014, we introduced a whole new kind of competition to Penn, called ProductHack. The first event of its kind anywhere, ProductHack took the form of a day-long workshop and competition in which sixty students from Wharton as well as other schools from across Penn stepped into the shoes of a product manager. We collaborated with the Wharton Innovation and Design Club to prime students on the design thinking process and provided a lab environment for teams to unleash their new toolset to create ideas of their own.

Thanks to the success of this year’s event and the helpful feedback we received, we plan to make ProductHack a mainstay in Wharton’s technology and design thinking extracurricular program, which includes other great events such as the Y-Prize Competition and PennApps.

Other Initiatives

Besides ProductHack, the Competitions team is also focused on bringing outside competition opportunities to Wharton Technology Club members. There are some very well-run competitions organized by other schools and technology clubs that we make available to our members.

In these competitions, as well as Penn’s own Y-Prize and PennApps, we help MBA students put their best foot forward. We work with the rest of the Tech Club board to bring in speakers and organize workshops with this goal in mind, and to encourage Penn MBA students to push the boundaries of their comfort zones by participating in as many competitions as possible. After all, “I’m glad I just focused on my classwork at Wharton,” said no one ever.