About Treks

In order to facilitate networking and in-depth exposure to the hottest and most interesting tech companies, Tech Club organizes multiple treks throughout the year to bring students closer to employers, alumni, and leaders in the tech industry.  Our goal is not only to help interested students strengthen their ties with the industry, but also to increase the industry’s awareness of Wharton as a source of top talent

SF Networking Trek

Typically run in November or December, this trek serves two main purposes.  First, it is an opportunity for students -- especially those who are unfamiliar with the West Coast -- to immerse themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area tech ecosystem through networking events, company visits, and industry talks.  Secondly, this trek is intentionally run while the Semester in San Francisco term is in session, allowing trekkers to get a glimpse of the curriculum, resources, and opportunities afforded by that program

Big Tech Trek

This trek targets the some of the largest, most established tech companies on the West Coast, just before internship recruiting gets into full swing.  Usually taking place during the second week of January, this trek spans 2-3 days and covers some of the most recognized tech companies.  Past participants have included Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon

SF Startup Trek

With increasing interest in startup recruiting among Tech Club members, this trek aims to connect students to the hottest startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Each February, the club spends two days visiting a wide range of tech startups in all stages of development and all industries.  In the past two years, trek participants have visited companies such as Airbnb, Eventbrite, URX, Coursera, Stripe, Zenefits, and Pebble

NY Startup Trek

New York City now boasts the highest overall amount of startup funding outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Tech Club organizes an annual one-day trek to New York each February or March, focusing on company visits with a variety of up and coming startups in the city.  In 2014, the trek included visits to Squarespace, CommonBond, Digital Ocean, and Noom